Our team can help you to become efficient and achieve value for money in your procurements. With our help and know-how, you will be able to effectively streamline your procurement practices.


I and my team provide our public sector clients with a tailored service to suit their specific procurement requirements. Our experience allows us to look organically at the challenges that are facing your organization and to develop public procurement solutions that address these issues without adding stress to already stressed budgets.

Our team can help you to become efficient and achieve value for money in your procurements. With our help and know-how, you will be able to effectively streamline your procurement practices.

Procurement strategy

Public Procurement Services is aware of the strains on annual budgets due to the country’s ongoing economic challenges. I can help you deliver value for money at all phases of your Procurement Strategy through:

  • Develop Procurement Strategies that are in line with your overall corporate objectives

  • Preparation Corporate and Operational procurement plans

  • Preparing best practice procurement policy and procedure documents

  • Defining purchasing categories and enforcing category management disciplines

  • Developing supplier relationship management documentation

Drafting Pre-qualification and Tender Document

I and my team have developed a methodical approach to the drafting of Pre-qualification and Tender Document. Our tender documents are clear and unambiguous to the reader, conveying a professional image for the public sector buyer, while complying with national and international best practice as well as procurement regulations.

The demands of Pre-qualification and Tender Document drafting are many. Not all public bodies have available staff with the dual aptitudes for technical writing and the IT skills for document preparation and finalization. By avoiding the use of outdated templates and contradictory boilerplate text, Pre-qualification and Tender Documents are easily interpreted and supplier responses faster, clearer and free from misunderstood requirements or terms.

When a contracting authority issues a Pre-qualification or Tender Document, it should be clear and concise to outline a complete understanding of requirements, this will in turn reduce the number of clarification questions received and the effort required to response to such questions.

Bid Evaluation

Our experienced procurement advisors have considerable experience in working within the public procurement environment. This knowledge is what assists public sector buyers with the evaluation of tender responses received against the selection or award criteria outlined in the related preq-qualification or tender documents.

We can offer advice in the preparation of clearly defined selection/award criteria based on the contract requirements to ensure that the most economically tender offering is successful.

We complete full tender evaluations and provide a recommended short-list and we can assist the procurement team/project owner in the evaluation process.

Debriefing Support

Due to the increased shortages of staff because of the many staff cuts being implemented across all sectors, the useful exercise of debriefing is often overlooked or ignored. Given that the pool of tenderers will grow over the coming years, it is a time-saving and perhaps critical part of forward planning to provide them with specific feedback. Partnered with the public client, we can provide specific formats to make the most of these debriefing sessions.

Debriefing motivates tenderers to add to their skills or resources or simply try harder to present them in a useful way. This results in less time wasted by the public client in evaluating responses that prove to be non-compliant and / or lacking in responsiveness in their approach. Due to the increased number of private sector suppliers, tendering for public sector contracts the requirement to provide de-briefing to unsuccessful tenderers is a necessary part of the entire process.

I and my experienced procurement team can provide you with best practice debriefing assistance and prepare correspondence specific to the actual contract award criteria in line with the international best practice.


Public Procurement Services offers training at several levels. Senior Management, Executives and staff require different skills sets as they take on the various tasks needed to produce the tender. Specific needs and skill gaps can be catered for to provide best results for investment according to need, and can be upgraded or refined over time to accommodate changing needs within the procurement department or staff accomplishment.

We offer training in:

  • Preparing best practice procurement policies and procedures

  • Developing a Value for Money (VFM) approach to procurement

  • Reviewing current procurement spend

  • Preparing Corporate and Operational procurement plans

  • Defining purchasing categories and enforcing category management disciplines

  • Developing suitable reporting and analysis approaches

  • Developing a supplier relationship management focus

  • Increasing the use of contract based purchasing

We Offer Predictable Services and Results in the Unpredictable World.


As a Service Provider with over 20 years of experience, I have expert experience in leading transformation / change programs, key Project / Civil Engineering Procurement businesses, Sustainable Procurement and Purchasing capability building activities. The specified areas of expertise can be considered as the areas I serve:

Kamu Alımları

Proaktif ve sonuç odaklı çözümler üreterek, uyuşmazlıkların önlenmesine yönelik uygun stratejilerin geliştirilmesine yardımcı oluyoruz.


Project Management

Professional project management is needed to reach project goals
regarding time, quality,
and cost.


Contract Management

I and my team ensure that proper consideration is given to the contract administration once the contract is signed and executed.


Dispute Resolution 

As part of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, Dispute Boards are widely used in international construction projects.


Tendering Stage

My team and I have a wealth of experience in most forms of internationally accepted construction contracts.



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