Amirmehdi Asghari is not only an exceptional Project Procurement Expert who thinks holistically across sectors to deliver the projects but he is also an expert we all wish to have who is supportive, leverages his network, applies values and skills for a common cause.

Maria Eugenia Roca, Chief of Operations, Inter-American Development Bank

I had pleasure of working with Amirmehdi Asghari for many years while I was working with Islamic Development Bank and World Bank as Consultant. Through my working experience with him, I find him a consistent and highly competent strategic Project Procurement and Contract Management Specialist who often thinks outside the box while still aligning with the goals of the organization. He has strong technical skills on project procurement and advance knowledge on Contract Management issues and solutions-one of his strongest assets.

Joao de Almeida, International Public Procurement Consultant

Amirmehdi Asghari was a fantastic student. He is hard working, passionate, analytical, capable of studying in depth a complex subject but also of summarizing it with great clarity when he was studying his M.S.C in University of Torino, Italy on “Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development”. He did this always with a smile on his face and intensity of attention. He has strong personality, voices his opinion frankly within the right boundaries.

Gustavo Piga, Professor of Economics, University of Rome Tor Vergata


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